Loch Morar Sunset

Loch Morar Sunset - Inland Scotland

Loch Morar Sunset

The more experience you get as a landscape photographer the more you are able to crack the forever random equation that is Scotland + Weather + time of the year = what you're gonna get, the forever changing weather in Scotland makes the first two parts of this equation forever impossible to crack but with time and experience you begin to grasp just enough understanding of how things may turn out to be successful.

What the hell am I on about you might ask ?

You hang around for a sunset, shooting away never knowing how the light will change and what will turn out as your best exposure, the sun goes down, you wait for a final flurry, possibly high cloud becoming illuminated, it comes, it goes, you wait a little longer......

I hear in my mind my good friend Dimitri shouting in his half Greek, half Scottish accent, 'That's it Scott..........We're done' !!!!!

So I pack up and head to Loch Morar, a little scouting mission for tomorrows sunrise (should it happen).........

By this time I'm driving almost directly East, away from the coast, in my mirror I see a little more light in the sky, how nice I think, almost like the final burning ember of the days sunshine, the light gets brighter, I get puzzled, the lights intensity increases I get anxious.

By this point the car is abandoned I'm cussing at why the hell this didn't happen 5 minutes earlier whilst I was still at Arisaig.

I quickly assemble my camera and tripod and hastily compose this image, at least I got something, if I hadn't moved on so quick I know for sure I'd have captured much, much more.

Ocht well....................you live and learn..................
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